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Tired of being a spectator in the sex industry? Well buckle up because a revolution has come to porn that for the first time puts you directly in on the action.

Virtual reality has taken the porn industry by storm over the last year. It's taken a once distant porn universe and plopped it right down into your own living room. You're no longer watching from your home, you're there with them as the action takes place. But one thing is missing from all this, the fact it's recorded. That's where live VR sex cams come into play.

VR cams provides the unique opportunity to experience live sex action as if you were there. You'll be able to look around the room and communicate with the performer as if they're next to you. Advances in teledildonics allows you to control their erotic zones or better yet, allow them to aid you along.

This industry however is still in it's infancy. As the operators of Sex Cams 101, a site dedicated to reviewing the live cam industry, we're on top of the latest advances. In the near future we'll be launching with reviews, guides, and news on how you can take your expensive new toy and use it for something a little more titillating.


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